Experts uncover equipment market trends at Moerdijk Live Xperience

September 18, 2023| 4 minutes to read

At the Moerdijk Live Xperience, one of the biggest equipment events of the year, three industry experts will unpack the key market trends in 2023 and what we can expect for 2024. We had a chat with Chris Sleight, Managing Director at Off-highway Research, who is one of the expert speakers at the event.

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360-degree inspection view adds buyer confidence

September 5, 2023| 3 minutes to read

Ritchie Bros.’ 360-degree inspection view feature is now available to all Ritchie Bros. auctions in Europe. The feature allows interested equipment buyers to virtually inspect the machine – as if they were standing in front of it.

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Reconnect with the industry at the Moerdijk Live Xperience

August 28, 2023| 3 minutes to read

Over the last decade, Ritchie Bros. has taken big leaps into the world of technology and online transactions. In keeping with our commitment to connect buyers and sellers from around the globe, we are thrilled to announce the Moerdijk Live Xperience, a power-packed event scheduled to take place from October 10-12 in Moerdijk, NL.

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Rouse rental insights moving forward in Europe

June 9, 2023| 4 minutes to read

Rouse, the market intelligence and benchmarking solution for rental and used equipment, launched in the UK beginning of the year and continues to add more European countries to its coverage. We asked Phil Mause, Senior Vice President of Rouse Services, to talk us through Rouse’s operation in Europe.

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Kiloutou Germany joins the SmartEquip network

May 2, 2023| 2 minutes to read

SmartEquip, Ritchie Bros.’ parts procurement and equipment lifecycle solution, proudly welcomes Kiloutou Germany to its network! The Kiloutou Group has been a leader in the equipment rental industry for over 40 years, serving over 400,000 customers in seven European countries.

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Ritchie Bros. Financial Services arrived in Europe: Everything you need to know

April 25, 2023| 7 minutes to read

Following a successful 10-year run in North America, Ritchie Bros. Financial Services is now also available to many European Ritchie Bros. customers. What makes it so interesting and how is it different from other equipment financing options? For this blog article, we spoke with Stefan and Joe, who lead the European team of RBFS.

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Ainscough sells ten ready-for-work cranes with Ritchie Bros.

March 10, 2023| 4 minutes to read

Our upcoming auction in Maltby (UK) on 29 March features quite a unique consignment. Bidders at the online sale can bid on top-quality all-terrain cranes from UK-based crane hire company Ainscough that were brought to ‘ready-to-work’ condition by the seller.

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­­Women in the heavy equipment industry: Four stories from Ritchie Bros.

March 7, 2023| 7 minutes to read

At Ritchie Bros., we see a large part of our success is having talented women across various functions working together.

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