How an Italian equipment dealer gets actionable insights and efficiency gains

July 5, 2022| 4 minutes to read

Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions can help you improve your equipment fleet management. This online inventory solution lets you track, valuate, and sell your assets with easy workflows. Marco Simionato, one of our longtime customers, discusses how he gained new efficiencies with this online tool.

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This 70 year-old company stays young by buying used equipment

February 18, 2022| 5 minutes to read

When it comes to equipment management, Eric Guillou knows what heโ€™s talking about. He manages an agricultural services company in Plouezec in France, and is passionate about his job. His fleet is diverse and includes both agricultural and earth-moving machines.

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Customer Story: Shahbaz Hussein, CEO of Quality Equipment Rental LLC

November 8, 2021| 3 minutes to read

Shahbaz Hussein, CEO of Quality Equipment Rental LLC in the UAE shares his company’s story and discusses how Ritchie Bros. solutions help him with his fleet management needs.

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Customer Story: Josรฉ Luis Gรณmez, General Manager of Gosadex

November 3, 2021| 4 minutes to read

Josรฉ Luis Gรณmez Sรกnchez, the General Manager of Gosadex in Toledo, Spain, has been a Ritchie Bros. client for many years. In this interview, he explains why he loves working with us.

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Customer Story: Derek Pearce, LF Pearce & Son

September 21, 2021| 4 minutes to read

For Derek Pearce, owner of LF Pearce & Son, buying and selling online with Ritchie Bros. is a critical part of his fleet management process and going online has made it even simpler.

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Customer Story: Javier Sato and Josรฉ Antonio Pรฉrez Umbrรญa, Eurogrรบas Algeciras

September 9, 2021| 3 minutes to read

Mr. Sato and Mr. Pรฉrez Umbrรญa have extensive experience in the crane sector and work in one of the leading crane rental and transport companies in the South of Spain. In this interview, they tell us why they became Ritchie Bros. clients more than a decade ago and reveal the reasons why they have been working with us ever since.

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Customer Story: Gaetano Ferrari, Fercav SRL

March 1, 2021| 3 minutes to read

When Gaetano Ferrari attended a Ritchie Bros. event in Florence in 2004, he didn’t know exactly what to expect. He met with Nicola Nicelli, Ritchie Bros. Sales Vice President, and ignited a long-lasting relationship. He was among the attendees of Ritchie Bros.’ first auctions in Livorno. In time, he even started buying equipment at other Ritchie Bros. auctions around the world, consolidating his relationship with the Ritchie Bros. team.

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Customer Story: Wayne Edwards, Sunbelt Rentals

February 16, 2021| 5 minutes to read

Wayne Edwards is the Sales and Remarketing Manager at the UK’s largest and most diverse rental company, Sunbelt Rentals, part of Ashtead Group PLC, the World’s second-largest rental business. Eight years ago, Sunbelt Rentals formed a relationship with Ritchie Bros. to help dispose of assets that have reached the end of their useful life โ€“ and this relationship has grown and strengthened considerably over this time.

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