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Kiloutou Germany joins the SmartEquip network

May 2, 2023| 2 minutes to read

SmartEquip, Ritchie Bros.’ parts procurement and equipment lifecycle solution, proudly welcomes Kiloutou Germany to its network! The Kiloutou Group has been a leader in the equipment rental industry for over 40 years, serving over 400,000 customers in seven European countries.

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Ritchie Bros. Financial Services arrived in Europe: Everything you need to know

April 25, 2023| 7 minutes to read

Following a successful 10-year run in North America, Ritchie Bros. Financial Services is now also available to many European Ritchie Bros. customers. What makes it so interesting and how is it different from other equipment financing options? For this blog article, we spoke with Stefan and Joe, who lead the European team of RBFS.

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Watch the recordings of Ritchie Bros.’ bauma 2022 events

November 1, 2022| 2 minutes to read

At bauma 2022 dozens of visitors came to the Ritchie Bros. booth to see our workshops, presentations and panel discussions. We’ve had a great line up of expert speakers and interesting topics to cover! Watch the recordings here.

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Learn about SmartEquip and Rouse at bauma

October 18, 2022| 5 minutes to read

A few days before bauma, we caught up with Alex Schuessler (Founder & President of SmartEquip) and Phil Mause (President of Rouse Analytics) to get a sneak peek of their expectations from the event and the latest company developments in Europe.

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It’s all about connectivity

October 5, 2022| 6 minutes to read

Our industry is more and more about connectivity and digital services that make our work more effective and efficient. Dozens of businesses around the world use Ritchie Bros. IMS to track their assets, discover pricing and unlock full disposition power.

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How an Italian equipment dealer gets actionable insights and efficiency gains

July 5, 2022| 4 minutes to read

Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions can help you improve your equipment fleet management. This online inventory solution lets you track, valuate, and sell your assets with easy workflows. Marco Simionato, one of our longtime customers, discusses how he gained new efficiencies with this online tool.

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TOP 5 hottest items recently sold on Marketplace-E

June 20, 2022| 4 minutes to read

Our 24/7 online Marketplace-E has seen hundreds of equipment transactions in the first half of 2022. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 most expensive & unique items sold in Europe from this online marketplace.

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Loxam joins the SmartEquip Network

June 9, 2022| 2 minutes to read

SmartEquip, a Ritchie Bros. company, welcomes Europe’s largest equipment rental company, Loxam, to its global equipment service and parts procurement network. SmartEquip now supports the five largest construction equipment rental companies in the world.

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