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Top 10 agricultural machines sold in 2023

May 26, 2023| 5 minutes to read

So far in 2023, we already have lots of great stories about agricultural machines that got new owners thanks to our auctions and Marketplace-E. For all the farming professionals and enthusiasts out there, we put a list together of the coolest agricultural machines we sold in Europe in 2023 to date.

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The benefits of buying a used agricultural tractor

April 3, 2023| 5 minutes to read

As a farmer, investing in your next tractor is an important decision that impacts your productivity. Should you go for a shiny new machine, a used low hour workhorse or a more seasoned veteran? It entirely depends on your needs and your budget.

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New Market Trends Report out: Mini excavator sales up 92%

February 8, 2023| 3 minutes to read

The last three months of 2022 saw a significant increase in volume of mini excavators sold at Ritchie Bros., according to Ritchie Bros. Market Trends Report.

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SPOTLIGHT: 6 Key facts about used JCB heavy machinery

December 8, 2022| 5 minutes to read

In our latest SPOTLIGHT article, we’re diving into another popular brand: JCB. With fans and users all over the world, Ritchie Bros. sold over 4,300 JCB units over the last five years in Europe alone. So, if you own, operate, or simply love JCB, check out the key trends our data reveals.

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The ultimate checklist for buying equipment at Ritchie Bros. auctions

December 1, 2022| 5 minutes to read

If you’re planning to buy equipment or trucks for the first time at a Ritchie Bros. auction, or if it has been a while since you last purchased equipment at an auction, use this checklist for equipment buyers at Ritchie Bros. auctions to make sure you’re on track to buying the equipment or trucks you need.

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SPOTLIGHT: Agricultural tractors see 30% more bidders

May 25, 2022| 6 minutes to read

Tractors are versatile pieces of equipment that can be used for a wide range of jobs in both agriculture and construction. This month’s SPOTLIGHT article looks at the latest trends for tractors in the used equipment market.

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New mobile app feature: Timed Auction bidding

May 12, 2022| 2 minutes to read

The Ritchie Bros. app has a great new feature. Introducing in-app bidding on Timed Auction lots directly in the app.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Machines ǀ Winter 2022

May 2, 2022| 3 minutes to read

The first three months of 2022 saw great quality machines and lots of action at our European auctions. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 biggest and most expensive machines purchased by our customers from across Europe.

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