Top 3 most expensive cranes sold on Marketplace-E

May 31, 2022

Did you know that cranes have been around for thousands of years, with the first one appearing in ancient Mesopotamia for lifting water? Today there are numerous types of cranes that are built for specific lifting jobs. Popular types include all terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes, and mobile tower cranes.

For crane rental companies, dealers, and other crane users, it can be daunting task to sell a high value, specialized mobile crane. Amongst all heavy equipment on the market, cranes – and especially the heavier, higher tonnage cranes – are a relatively ‘niche’ product in the global user market. Selling by yourself via an ad listing website can require a lot of time and effort. An auction provides the certainty that the crane will be sold, but there’s less control over the price. That’s why crane owners like Marketplace-E. They can control the price and access a global audience, while we help them complete a satisfactory transaction.

Need more proof? Take a look at the list below of some of the most expensive used cranes that sold through our online marketplace to users across the globe.

2013 Link-Belt 348 Hylab 5 Lattice-Boom Crawler Crane

Coming in at the top of our list is this 2013 Link-Belt 348 Hylab 5 lattice-boom crawler crane. This whopper of a machine came through our online marketplace in March 2022 from a seller in the US. And the price tag was as big as the crane: a cool EUR 803,000. Link-Belt, the manufacturer, is a Kentucky-based company that specializes in telescopic and lattice-boom cranes for distribution worldwide.

Lattice-boom cranes are among the largest type of mobile crane and often need to be disassembled for transport. This type of crane is typically used in construction and infrastructure projects such as roadworks, buildings, bridges, and even jobs along waterways (like the river dam and locks pictured above).

Key stats: this Link-Belt Hylab 5 is more than 26 feet (7.9 m) long and features an overall boom length of 200 feet (60 m) with a 160 ton capacity.

2018 Terex AC130-5 130 Ton Lattice-Boom Truck Crane

Second on the list is this 2018 Terex AC130-5 130 ton lattice-boom truck crane. Another massive machine, it was sold in November 2021 to a buyer in the UAE who purchased it from a seller located in Germany. Like the first crane on our list, this one also had a monster selling price of EUR 619,800.

While similar in name to lattice-boom crawler cranes, these truck cranes have the ability to travel on roads (depending on local laws) and often feature counterweights or outriggers that work to stabilize the machine on the job. The mobility of these cranes can eliminate the need for disassembly, which is a key driver of their popularity.

Key stats: this Terex AC130-5 lattice-boom crane includes a 59.8 m boom and 21 m jib with a 130 ton capacity, making it a great option for working in confined spaces without sacrificing lifting capability.

2012 Terex Challenger 3160 55 Ton All Terrain Crane

Last on our list is this 2012 Terex Challenger 3160 55 ton all terrain crane. This king-sized machine sold from Melbourne, Australia for EUR 225,100 to a buyer in Redcliffe, Australia.

All terrain cranes are another popular, versatile type of machine designed to be street legal while still being capable of handling the rough terrain often found at construction sites. These cranes can have up to 9 axles and, like the lattice-boom truck crane at number 2 on our list, use outriggers to provide stability and support. All terrain cranes are a favorite for installing fuel pipelines, erecting large structures like wind turbines, and lifting heavy loads such as concrete slabs.

Key stats: this Terex Challenger has a 50 m telescoping boom, a 6.8 ton counterweight, and a capacity of 55 tons.

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