Four ways to effectively sell equipment in 2023

June 22, 2023| 5 minutes to read

As an equipment manager or business owner, you’ll find yourself in situations where you need to sell equipment. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available to help you sell. In this article we walk you through the pros and cons of each.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Ritchie Bros. by the numbers

April 13, 2023| < 1 minute to read

Any business that operates, rents or sells equipment needs to manage that equipment effectively in order to remain profitable. Contractors, rental companies, transportation companies, equipment dealers, manufacturers, farmers, financing companies, governments and many more. At Ritchie Bros. we are proud to work with such a rich diversity of businesses from all over the world.

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Revolutionizing heavy equipment sales with Marketplace-E

March 28, 2023| 5 minutes to read

Many businesses are discovering our online reserved marketplace Marketplace-E. Find out how two of our customers from Poland used Ritchie Bros.’ Marketplace-E to successfully sell their equipment to buyers worldwide.

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It’s all about connectivity

October 5, 2022| 6 minutes to read

Our industry is more and more about connectivity and digital services that make our work more effective and efficient. Dozens of businesses around the world use Ritchie Bros. IMS to track their assets, discover pricing and unlock full disposition power.

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Learn the Value of Your Equipment: FREE Price Results Tool

September 20, 2021| 4 minutes to read

Here at Ritchie Bros., our customers often ask how much items are selling for in the market or how much their equipment is worth if they decide to sell. That’s why we’ve created Ritchie Bros. Price Results. This free, online tool pulls historic pricing information from our global sales channels to help you make the best possible decisions when you’re buying or selling machines.Keep reading to learn how to estimate the price of your equipment in 3 quick and easy steps.

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Mobile Tech: Managing Your Fleet On the Go

July 22, 2021| 5 minutes to read

“There’s an app for that!” Apple’s famous catchphrase has come to define our personal and professional online lives. The digital era is an evolving frontier, regardless of industry, and the heavy machinery business is no exception. In this blog post, we look at the Ritchie Bros. mobile app and 5 other great tools for the industry.

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RESEARCH: 4 equipment buying and selling trends every construction business should know

May 2, 2021| 5 minutes to read

Ritchie Bros. recently conducted a survey, which sought the views, experiences and plans of over 200 construction businesses across Germany, France, The Netherlands, and the UK. The survey revealed 4 equipment buying and selling trends every construction business should know. Let’s dive in!

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Beating the curve: How online asset transactions benefit leasing companies

April 21, 2021| 3 minutes to read

A Ritchie Bros. survey conducted in March and April among construction equipment owners showed how confident the market is in transacting industrial equipment and trucks online. The study showed more than 70% of the respondents claimed that buying and selling heavy machinery online is a good replacement for doing it face-to-face. This shift to online transactions, clearly accelerated by COVID-19 in 2020, comes with a massive benefit for those overseeing asset management in our industry. Market data is now richer than ever before. The only thing standing in the way for asset managers is having good tools and services to interpret the available data.

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